Sammy Hagar’s Concern About Guns N’ Roses Fans

Besides their best-selling records and enormous success, Guns N’ Roses has also made a name for themselves with their numerous wild moments, reckless attitude, and chaotic environment. It was inevitable that the tension among the band members would cause them big trouble sooner or later. They released the best-selling debut album of all time, ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ in 1987 and established themselves a solid place in the rock scene. However, their frontman Axl Rose was the only original member left within the band a decade later.

GN’R members were the focus of all media attention, and the countless sensation they created made them headlines. Especially the band’s ‘Use Your Illusion Tour,’ which was one of the most extended concert tours in rock history, generated a lot of excitement and controversy. The famous concert tour between 1991 and 1993 brought about many contentious issues like riots, cancellations, late starts, and unruly behaviors of Axl Rose. Let’s look at one of the notorious incidents during the tour and how Sammy Hagar was concerned.

Axl Rose Initiated One Of The Worst Moments In GN’R History

‘The Use Your Illusion Tour’ was a promotional tour for Guns N’ Roses’ albums, ‘Use Your Illusion I’ and ‘Use Your Illusion II.’ One would expect this kind of legendary tour to be remembered with its terrific live performances. Yet, it stuck in the minds of many music lovers with its numerous controversies, both onstage and off. The Riverport riot is probably the best-known moment of violence in Guns N’ Roses’ rugged career.

During their gig on July 2, 1991, at the Riverport Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights, Missouri, Axl Rose spotted a fan filming the show from the crowd and told security to stop him. When they didn’t move quickly enough for the singer, he jumped into the audience and assaulted him. He threw his microphone on the ground and walked offstage. Then, Rose was found guilty of property damage and assault. He was fined $50,000 and given two years probation following the incident.

What Did Sammy Hagar Think About Axl Rose’s Behavior?

During an interview in 1991, Sammy Hagar talked about Rose’s controversial attitude on the stage. The rocker noted he had nothing to say about it as other people didn’t concern him much. Then, he said he could speak harshly about Axl Rose, but all he cared about was the fans who came to see GN’R live.

Hagar said the band members didn’t get any harm from the incident since they kept making their money. They just walked away, yet the audience was the ones who suffered. Sammy Hagar regarded what Axl Rose did onstage as a disrespectful attitude towards the fans.

He thought what GNR did would also affect the other bands. He repeated that what Rose and other band members did was not his concern, but what he cared about most was the audience and their effect on the upcoming shows from the other bands.

The interviewer asked:

“When are you going to dive off the stage, looking for a camera, criticize the security force and storm off in a tizzy?”

Sammy Hagar replied:

“Oh, probably when my first album sells five million records. I don’t know; I think Nugent had it right. He said that if he were that ugly, he wouldn’t want anybody taking a picture of him either. I got nothing to say about it. Everybody’s got their trip. The music should be all you worry about.”

Again, the interviewer said:

“Well, it seems like you guys are certainly on the same level of success, if not greater than those guys. And they don’t seem to have any idea how to enjoy it, and you guys always seem to be enjoying yourself.”

Hagar then continued:

“Nope, I’ve even got this whole thing. It’s like you gotta enjoy yourself first and what you’re doing, and then everything around you just kind of falls into place. But if you’re miserable, you are miserable in any situation. I don’t care how much money you have. If you are miserable, you are miserable.

So, maybe that’s it, I don’t know. I could rag on him all day because it just makes me sick because the fans are the ones that end up getting burned. They’re still going to make their money. The show is over and done, and they walk away, and the fans are the ones that get burned. Because then somebody else comes to town in that market, the security is going to be all pissed off, they’re going to be uptight, and the fans are going to suffer.

They’re going to make them hold them back more, and it is not just going to be as much fun for the next two or three months for other bands that come through because Guns went out there and f*cked up. And that’s the only part that pisses me off. Other than that, I don’t give a sh*t what those guys or anybody else do.”

Apparently, Sammy Hagar thought everybody was responsible for their actions, so he avoided commenting on Axl Rose. Yet, he didn’t want their behaviors to affect the other band’s shows. He thought what they did onstage caused chaos and prevented the fans’ from having fun, which pissed him off.