Ron Howard Credits John Lennon And Paul McCartney’s Songwriting For The Beatles’ Success

John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s songwriting partnership was like a match made in heaven. They created a dynamic that is still prevalent in today’s rock scene. For Ron Howard, the maker of the documentary ‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week,’ the pair’s songwriting, even in the early stages of the Beatles’ career, showcased their unique ability to touch everyone’s heart in some way.

“After starting to work on a documentary about their touring years which is what ‘Eight Days A Week’ was,”  Howard told NME before sharing his admiration for the band’s writing. “From the vantage point of having been a director and a storyteller for decades, I was so blown away by the writing.”

Howard first became interested in the Beatles after their appearance on a TV show. The director said, “There’s the presence that I fell in love with, starting with the Ed Sullivan Show. Of these guys with a different haircut and a great sound and girls going crazy for them, but totally infectious records that you would play over and over again.”

He also praised the band’s ability to speak to people in any emotional state, saying, “But what I began to understand was, even in those early records, those first hits, the writing is just brilliant. As they evolved, it became clear to me [that] you could be in any frame of mind possible within the framework of the human experience, and there’s a song they wrote that will speak to you very, very directly.”

The producer also noted that this is why the Beatles’ music remains as relevant today as it was first released. Howard added, “I don’t care what mood or what you’re going through; that’s the genius of the band and why their music is as relevant, in many ways, as it’s ever been.”

Thus, Ron Howard credited the songwriting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney as the secret sauce to the Beatles’ success. He compared the band’s writing to a recipe for a hit since no matter what mood you’re in, there’s always a Beatles song that will speak to you. And just like a good recipe, it’s still being followed today, as their music continues to be appreciated and listened to by fans worldwide.