Wolfgang Van Halen Mocks Kardashian-Like Weddings While Speaking On His Plans

Wolfgang Van Halen is gearing up for his band, Mammoth WVH’s upcoming tour dates and his wedding with partner Andraia Allsop. When it comes to the wedding plans, the couple has no intention of going extravagant like the Kardashians, as the singer claimed in a recent interview with Beef Vegan.

After talking about his busy schedule, Van Halen said the following about the upcoming event’s date:

“I think the only time I have off is in October when I finally get married.”

Revealing their plans, he continued:

“[There will be] no Kardashian sh-t. It’s just people we love and care about to celebrate, you know, getting married.”

The singer and his fiancee officially announced their engagement last year, with him sharing the news on Instagram with a photograph featuring the two of them. In the caption of the post, he shared:

“She said yes!”

The post attracted many positive reactions, including a comment from Van Halen’s mother, actress Valerie Bertinelli, who wrote:

“How do I like this a million times? So happy. “

Going back to professional news, Mammoth WVH has released a new single from their upcoming album, ‘Mammoth II’ in March. The full record is expected to launch in August 4, two months before Van Halen and Allsop’s October wedding.