Machine Gun Kelly Recalls Trying Not To Hurt Lionel Richie

The American Music Awards took place at Microsoft Theater, LA, last Sunday. Machine Gun Kelly attended the ceremony in an ‘interesting’ outfit: his suit was covered with spikes. It was surely captivating; however, when designing the dress, they did not take into account that someone would sit next to him during the ceremony. This lucky name was Lionel Richie. During his recent conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, MGK shared a fun anecdote about his outfit and Richie.

“Yeah,” the musician exclaimed when Kimmel joked about how Lionel Richie was in danger because of his outfit. “I feel like when we walked in, because none of us accounted for having to sit down when we were like, ‘Let’s make this crazy suit.’ And I feel like the award show was delayed five minutes just because… We got to the seat, and the staff was like, they looked at the seat, and then they looked at my outfit, and they were like, ‘I don’t know, just figure it out.’”

He continued, “And so, like, it took me all this time. And then I saw Lionel Richie coming. I was like, I saw an empty seat next to me, and I was like, ‘Please don’t make this man sit next to this.’ And he came over and he sat down and he inspected it and touched it. And then we were so close, I was scared to clap for Wayne Brady. So every time he made a joke, I just looked like I was unentertained. But it was just that I didn’t want to impale Lionel Richie.”

MGK later shared a photo on his Instagram account and made a playful comment about his outfit, sharing the inspiration behind it. He posted a photo of himself with this outfit side-by-side with a purple sea urchin and wrote, “Do you guys sea what I was goin’ for?”

When he took the stage to receive his award for ‘favorite rock artist,’ he again made a funny comment about his outfit, saying, ‘This suit is really uncomfortable to pee in.’ So, the awards night was pretty fun for the musician. We’re not sure if the same can be said for Richie, but at least he survived the night without any injuries. As the photo captures, the duo seems to have had a lot of fun throughout the night.