Marilyn Manson’s Attorney Says Global Mediation And Settlements Might Be The Solution

Despite facing over a dozen accusations and four lawsuits from women he had formed relationships with before, Marilyn Manson denied them all and claimed all his relationships were consensual. According to recent information from his attorney, Manson might agree to sign a settlement to find the middle ground with the victims.

The shocking lawsuits were brought upon Manson by well-known actress Evan Rachel Wood and Game of Thrones star Esmé Bianco. His former assistant Ashley Morgan Smithline also came forward and claimed that Manson psychologically, physically, and sexually abused her. Another woman who wished to remain anonymous has joined the fight and decided to stand up against her alleged abuser.

Since the filing of the lawsuits, Manson and his defense team haven’t seized claiming his innocence. The anonymous woman’s case was dropped on the grounds of ‘statute of limitations,’ as the court believed she might have gotten confused by reading other allegations against Manson on media and made up memories that don’t exist. She was given a chance to re-file the suit, which she did, signaling that she would not back down easily.

Until now, Manson’s team has been defending his innocence, and the rock singer had stated that the victims are ‘exploiting the #MeToo movement.’ However, in the light of the recent news, the defendants are leaning more towards a settlement. His attorney stated that a ‘global mediation’ might be at the table to arrange an agreement without involving the court.

Here is what Manson’s lawyer Stephen D. Rothschild said about the settlement:

“There are other cases that are somewhat related, and so as things progress, we may decide that it’s best to have a global mediation. I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon, but it is in the cards.”

The lawyer commented upon looking positively towards a settlement after the anonymous victim’s case was decided to be held in October 2023. Even though it is tough to receive a satisfactory conclusion from the victim’s aspect in such cases, especially if time has passed, the accusers have encouraged more people to stand up against their abuser.