Machine Gun Kelly Explains The Terms Of His $1 Million Offer To Travis Kelce

Machine Gun Kelly recently took to Twitter to clarify the conditions of his $1 million proposal to Travis Kelce.

In the latest episode of Travis and Jason Kelce’s New Heights podcast, MGK phoned in to offer the Kansas City Chiefs tight end $500,000 in cash to switch teams and join the Cleveland Browns. The singer said, showing dark brown, orange, and white merchandise from the Cleveland Browns:

“I will give you $500,000 cash upon arrival just for shopping or whatever you want, as well as matching that same amount as a donation to both of our high schools, both Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights, as well as everyday breakfast and coffee delivery from my restaurant if you would just come home and put on these colors right here.”

Details Of MGK’s Offer

Kelly detailed his $1 million deal in his tweet, explaining:

“No, I said I’d give him 1 million out of my own pocket, half for shopping and half to donate to our high schools on top of whatever the Browns pay for the actual player fee.”

Kelce’s Response To The Proposal

In the podcast episode, Kelce responded to the rocker’s offer with the following words:

“Hey, I’ll tell you what, man. That is an intriguing offer. It is an intriguing offer because you know how much we love the east side of Cleveland, the Heights, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, you already know, brother. I’m not gonna lie — the situation’s really good in Kansas City.”

The musician went on to say:

“There is no decision that needs to be made right now but just know my offer is real, and it’s on the table. I’ll make beats in the locker room every day. I’ll set up a studio in the closet if that’s what needs to happen to make Travis come home.”

Potential Impact On The Kelce Brothers

Travis then showed interest in the offer, saying he’d think about it if his brother Jason also considered joining the Browns. MGK then mentioned that if they both accepted the deal, they would need to share the $500,000. Jason responded humorously, agreeing to the condition, jokingly saying he’s fine with Travis getting the $500,000 as long as he gets coffee.

Back in April, Kelce hosted a large festival in Kansas City, featuring well-known music artists. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end launched his ‘Kelce Jam’ festival, a mix of music and food, with performances headlined by MGK.

You can see his tweet below.