Lzzy Hale Says Now She Has A Clearer Picture Of Who She Doesn’t Want To Be

Halestorm frontwomen Lzzy Hale shared a post on her official Twitter page answering a fan’s question about her current mood by stating that she has a clear vision of herself as to how she should not be rather than who she should be and embraced both of her sides, good and bad.

As many of you recall, Lzzy Hale opened up about how she has been handling not performing for such a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic over a week ago during the virtual red carpet of the She Rocks Awards. Apparently, Hale has been struggling to identify herself without music, however, managed to realize brand new things about herself.

Here is what Hale said:

“It’s probably been over 22 years since I’ve gone this long without a live show — meaning before the band started. Cause at least we had a bowling alley gig once a month. I mean, I’ll take it. But overall, I think that, for me, I’ve been looking at it like it’s a gift, because I don’t have the distractions, I don’t have this mission, which is touring 250 dates a year. Then you go in and you make a record — everything’s deadline, everybody has a plan, there’s a future. So I’ve really had to look at myself and say, ‘Well, who am I without all of that?’ And I’ve realized some really amazing things about myself that I didn’t know that I was capable of during this time, and I’ve also realized a lot of things that I’m, like, ‘Oh, I’ve gotta change that.’ So it’s been a lot of self-discovery.”

Recently, a fan shared a post on Twitter stating that Lzzy Hale always shares posts and asks her fans about their day and how they are doing, therefore, that fan thought it was their turn to ask her, therefore, she asked Lzzy how she’s doing.

Here is what that fan said:

“She’s always asking us… hey, Lzzy Hale how are you doing hun? You hanging in there?”

After seeing that fan’s question, Lzzy Hale shared a post on her official Twitter page stating that she feels humbled thanks to her thoughtful fans who have been reaching out to her during her silence on social media. In addition to this, Hale stated that she has been writing and working by herself non-stop recently.

Here is what Hale said:

“I am humbled that you guys care for me enough to reach out if I’ve been silent on social media for a bit. To be honest, time sometimes gets away from me these days, I’m writing and working outside the band non stop these days. Ironically Groundhog Day rings very true.”

Later on, Lzzy Hale shared another post and revealed that the past year and a half aged her in a bad way, however, she can now see the person she does not want to be rather than the person she wants to be, yet it is fine, according to her since personal growth in ant was is good.

Here is what she said:

“I feel like I’ve lived a few lifetimes in just the past year and a half. Sometimes I feel like I have a clearer picture of who I don’t want to be more than who I do want to be. But that’s ok. Transformation and personal evolution is good. I accept myself in both my dark and light”

You can see the Twitter posts below.