Oasis’ Liam Gallagher Roasts Noel Gallagher And Hints At Glastonbury Appearance

As it is well-known, the Gallagher brothers have had a strained relationship since the 2009 disbandment of Oasis. The feud between Liam and Noel Gallagher doesn’t seem to end. Liam recently replied to a series of questions asked by fans on Twitter, in which he slammed his brother and hinted that he could take the stage at Glastonbury.

Although it has been over a decade since Oasis’ sensational fallout, the Gallagher brothers don’t stop making statements about each other. While a possible reunion is probably the most-asked question that both of them receive, Noel doesn’t think getting together as Oasis would be a good idea, as it wouldn’t work out in the end.

Recently, a Twitter user asked Liam whether he would consider delivering shows in the United States as his brother Noel was scheduled to do in the coming months. Liam roasted his brother by saying that he didn’t intend to do that since he doesn’t like kissing bum cheeks as Noel does.

Then, another user asked Liam if he had listened to Robert Smith’s remix of ‘Pretty Boy,’ a song from Noel Gallagher and his band the High Flying Birds’ new record. The singer said he didn’t while implying that it was a ridiculous question. Then, Liam was also asked if he would see Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury. He said that he would go there if only he played.

The user’s question:

“Don’t you think if Noel can play the States, so can you?

Liam’s reply:

“Noel kisses lots of bum cheeks I don’t like.”

Another user asked:

“Did you listen to the remix of Robert Smith with your brother?”

The rocker replied:

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

The following question followed:

“Are you seeing Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury?

The singer said in response:

“I only go Glastonbury if I play it thems the rules, so yeah.”

So, in a way, Liam Gallagher hinted at a possible appearance at Glastonbury, confirming that he would be there. While there is no official announcement yet, it seems like the singer’s fans could expect to see him perform at the festival this year.