Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland Accuses His Ex-Wife Of Attempting To Profit Off His Name

Most divorces are challenging, and talking about them might give one some relief; however, if you were married to Limp Bizkit’s guitarist Wes Borland, it could be out of options. Recently, Rolling Stone reported that Borland filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Carré Callaway, claiming the singer, aka Queen Kwong, has made a profit from talking about him.

Carré had been making claims about her ex-husband as she discussed their failed marriage and claimed that Borland gave her three days to evacuate from their Detroit marital home. A week later, after the guitarist left, their cat Daisy died since she needed Borland’s care and couldn’t take it when he wasn’t there. Callaway then dedicated a song to the cat’s memory.

Callaway also opened up about how the guitarist had gaslighted her as she went on to write the song from her ‘Couples Only’ album, ‘Edmr Atm,’ detailing the mental abuse and gaslight she had received from her ex-husband. With all of these, Borland didn’t hold back when he filed a lawsuit, claiming she wasn’t allowed to speak about their marriage as stated in their divorce settlement.

“These statements intentionally do what Ms. Callaway was expressly prohibited from doing; they adversely affect Mr. Borland’s public image and reputation that he has built over a twenty-plus–year career,” a statement from Borland’s legal team announced. “[And are an attempt at] destroying Mr. Borland’s extraordinary and hard-earned professional reputation.”

However, Callaway also had things to say about the lawsuit as she stated, “The truth cannot be defamatory. This action is simply a tactic to bully, intimidate, and silence me. This is an attempt to financially ruin me, exhaust my physical well-being, and denigrate my credibility with the explicit intent of causing harm to my career. This is an overall attack on freedom of speech and artistic expression.”

She also added, “What does it mean for indie musicians like myself, who can’t afford to even tour these days, to have to worry about fighting frivolous lawsuits? What does it mean for women who are already afraid to tell their stories? What does it mean for journalists if their words can be spun to silence the very women they’re trying to give a platform to.”

So, things got complicated between the two, and only time will tell if the court will take this case into action and hear both sides’ arguments. For now, Borland’s team is insistent about the lawsuit, and Callaway ensured everyone that she wouldn’t stop fighting back.