Liam Gallagher Responds To Andy Bell’s Fabricated Story About Oasis

In a series of tweets, Liam Gallagher reacted to Andy Bell’s recent comments about a potential Oasis reunion.

Bell spoke with Virgin Radio about rumors that Oasis might reunite for their 30th anniversary. He seemed hopeful that it could happen, saying:

“Yeah, they probably will. I think yeah, they probably will do it. I don’t think it looks likely right now, but life is long, isn’t it? As a Stone Roses fan, that reunion happened completely against the way things were looking. They were not getting on at all, and there was a lot of bad blood in the press and stuff with the Roses, and then suddenly you were hearing about gigs… I think we could see something like that for Oasis.”

How Did Liam React To Bell?

Gallagher responded to these statements from Bell, writing:

“Andy Bell from Ride, the shoegazing phenomenon, should really not be getting people’s hopes up. It’s not big, and it’s not clever.”

A user on X left a comment under the singer’s post:

“He’s just saying what you’ve said a million times already, Rasta.”

Liam replied by saying:

“I’ve never mentioned Oasis reunion. It’s over. We must all really move in for our own mental health.”

Liam’s Previous Comments On Oasis Reunion

There’s talk of a reunion as Oasis celebrates the 30th anniversary of their first album, ‘Definitely Maybe.’ Liam will perform the album in full during summer shows. The brothers have been back and forth about reuniting. In a 2023 chat with BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley, Liam said an Oasis reunion wouldn’t happen unless Noel reached out to him:

“The way I see it, it isn’t happening. I won’t be calling him, and he’ll be calling me. He split the band up on his terms, and I’ll be getting it back together on my terms. I’m a reasonable person, but I’m very good friends with the universe, and we have ways of making it happen because it’ll come down to him calling me.”

More recently, Liam also revealed to Mojo that Noel was offered a lot of money for a reunion for the ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour, but he declined. The tour starts in June in the UK.

You can see the tweets below.