Brian May Says He Follows A New Religion To Become Healthier


Queen guitarist Brian May gave an interview to BBC Radio and revealed that he found a new religion to get healthier.

Brian May is mainly known as the lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen. He was a co-founder of the band along with Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor. Throughout their career, Queen topped numerous charts and played at the world’s biggest venues. Even today, Queen continues to hold a special place in the music scene with the contribution of Adam Lambert.

Brian May’s musical efforts in the band contributed to his and Queen’s success. Apart from playing the guitar, he also wrote many hits known almost by everyone around the world. With his distinctive guitar playing style, May is also named among the greatest guitarists of all time. Today, besides his career as a member of Queen, he is also pursuing a solo career.

Speaking to BBC Radio for an interview, May talked about the reissue of ‘Back To The Light,’ his guitar playing, and his fitness routine. Talking about how he looks so healthy, he said it is because he has a new religion called fitness. May claimed that he works out religiously because he thinks it is necessary. The guitarist then recalled when he had a heart attack and said he had to change his lifestyle entirely due to that.

Brian May told BBC Radio that:

“I have a new religion. My new religion is fitness. I do my fitness religiously now because it’s necessary. I got really close to the wire, I have stents in my heart, and it was serious. So, I needed a complete change of lifestyle, food diet, and a massive amount of exercise, but done in the right way. I have a trainer who takes me through all these cardio rehab things, and I do it pretty much every day in my life. I actually love it. I never thought I would. It’s so great for the mind as well as the body.”

You can watch the full interview below.