Brian May Explains Why He Stopped Being A Vegan After He Had A Heart Attack

Queen lead guitarist Brian May has recently shared a photo of a vegan product on his official Instagram account. In the post, he revealed that he was a vegan until he had a heart attack and he stopped being a vegan and had to consume animal products.

As you might know, Brian May ripped his gluteus maximus which is a muscle of the hip while he was gardening. Then he went to the hospital because of the enormous pain and doctors discovered a compressed sciatic nerve in his lower back. While he was trying to recover from the problem in his back, Brian May had a heart attack last summer. He defined it as a forty-minute-long pain in his chest.

Brian May admitted that the problem he had been through after the heart attack was worse than the attack itself. It was an extremely painful experience. He suffered from a terrible disease called gastrointestinal hemorrhage which causes vomiting blood, bloody or black stool. Later, he announced that he was getting better and better with time.

A short time ago he shared his experience of being a vegan on his Instagram account. Brian May revealed that he had been a vegan for three years until he had a heart attack. The doctors advised him to consume eggs and fish to restore his protein level. However, he stated that he was slowly becoming a proper vegan again and he thought that it had to be a gradual process to live a better and healthier life.

Here’s what he wrote on his Instagram post:

“Yes, I was a 100 percent proper vegan on the last Queen + Adam Lambert tour, but, following my heart attack and the adventures that followed, I was strongly advised to eat eggs and some fish to restore my protein levels. After that, I remained loose about being completely plant-based for most of last year. But now I have the will to come back and complete the circle. But this time approaching it in a gradual and sustainable way. It’s actually unhelpful to be too harshly judgmental on yourself – or on other people – because every step in the direction of eating less animal-derived food helps animal welfare, Planet Earth, and your health. The Kai-Zen approach! Ok, folks ?! Cheers.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram