Klaus Meine Addresses The Threats For Rock Music’s Future


Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine recently joined Greece’s RockPages.gr for an interview and shared his thoughts on the threats rock music face today.

After Gene Simmons’ controversial ‘rock is dead‘ remark, many rock musicians contradicted this idea in various public statements. Among others, Scorpions’ Klaus Meine also disagreed with Simmons. According to the singer, rock music is not dead, and the Scorpions are living proof it’s still alive with millions of fans worldwide.

Like Meine, his bandmate Rudolf Schenker also shared the same views. In a previous interview, the guitarist talked about their latest album, ‘Rock Believer,’ and its title, describing themselves and their fans as true rock believers. Moreover, Schenker noted rock music never fades away and always comes back.

In a recent interview with RockPages.gr, Klaus Meine touched upon the threats to the future of rock music. He stated that rock and roll survived many threats like punk, alternative rock, rap, and hip hop. Thus, it has a huge, hard, and heavy community, and there are many rock believers worldwide, always supporting the genre.

Moreover, the singer said they are proud to be a part of this devoted and heavy community that worships hard rock and heavy music. He then recalled their show at the Hellfest in France and said around 70 thousand metal fans were watching them, proving rock is not dead at all and has no intention of disappearing in the music scene in the future.

Speaking to RockPages.gr, Klaus Meine said the following:

Rock and roll and hard rock music survived so many threats. From punk to alternative, rap, and hip hop. There’s a huge, hard and heavy community out there. And like we used to say, there are many rock believers worldwide. They love hard rock, hard and heavy music. And we are proud that we’re part of that hard and heavy community.

We just played the Hellfest in France in front of 60-70 thousand die-hard metal fans. So, that proves rock is not dead at all. And there’s a whole young generation we see every other night in front of the stage, which is great. You are rock believers like we are.”

According to Klaus Meine, rock music cannot be dead because there are millions of rock believers out there, like the Scorpions and their massive fan base. Moreover, Meine believes rock has survived many threats up to this day owing to its solid and growing fanbase.