Rudolf Schenker Says Rock Is Not Dead And Shows Scorpions As Proof

Scorpions frontman Rudolf Schenker made an appearance on Chile’s Radio Futuro, during which he talked about the ‘rock is dead’ claim. According to the musician, Scorpions is proof that rock is not dead.

The discussion revolving around the issue of whether rock is dead has been brought up by many musicians. In 2014, KISS bassist Gene Simmons made this claim which led to a debate among contemporary rock musicians. According to Simmons, rock is dead because there are no new influential rock bands.

Following Simmons’ statement, many rock musicians contradicted this idea and issued statements. For instance, The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen stated that rock and roll has always been there and will never die, while Lzzy Hale made it clear that rock music never fades away.

In an interview on Chile’s Radio Futuro, Scorpions frontman Rudolf Schenker talked about the band’s upcoming album ‘Rock Believer’ and its title. He said that Scorpions has been active in the music scene for over five decades and stated that they and their fans are rock believers. 

Moreover, Schenker talked about the long-lasting ‘rock is dead’ debate. He said that rock is not dead, and it always comes back. The musician then stated that there are still rock believers in over 80 countries Scorpions has played so far.

During his appearance on Chile’s Radio Futuro, Rudolf Schenker said:

“Look, we are around the world for 50 years or more. And when somebody can say he’s a rock believer, then this is us. And of course, we meet our rock believers in front of us, our audience.

So many people said rock is dead. It’s not dead. It’s always coming back — sometimes, okay, stronger or less strong — but in the end, it’s great to play around the world in over 80 countries we’ve played so far, and all rock believers.

It was always great to share the music with them together and be in connection with them. I mean, that’s so amazing and so fantastic, that we are very happy to come out with a new album. And yeah, let’s see what’s happening.”

You can watch the full interview below.