Gene Simmons Explains Why KISS Members Never Let Others Do Their Makeup

During an interview, KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently spoke about the band’s makeup routine. The rocker talked about why they wouldn’t let anyone else do their makeup and stated that it might be due to pride.

Aside from being one of the most recognized rock and roll bands, KISS is also a trademark and an icon due to its band members’ stage performances and fashion style. The band is known to have adopted stage personalities; Paul Stanley as the Starchild, Gene Simmons as the Demon, Ace Frehley as the Spaceman, and Peter Criss as the Catman.

They adapted to these personalities with their costumes and attitudes, but most importantly, their unique stage makeups represent all of these comic book characters. Hence, they became a suitable nominee to have a brand, museum, and merchandise with their creations. Thanks to their one-of-a-kind looks, their legacy will live on even after retiring.

About eight years ago, Gene Simmons had shown a tutorial on his daughter Sophie in 2014. After the end of the tutorial, Sophie said that she might put makeup on his face next time, and Simmons immediately rejected his daughter’s offer. This video was brought up during a recent interview when the musician was talking about the band’s trademark looks.

Simmons gave the reasons why he doesn’t want anyone else applying makeup on his face apart from himself. He stated that it is probably pride because the band did their makeup immaculately on their own until a certain point. They spared time before each show to do it and indicated a sort of before-show activity. Moreover, each band member worked so hard on creating those characteristic makeup looks that it wouldn’t be suitable for others to apply on their faces if you ask the bassist.

Here is the question asked by the interviewer:

“I actually watched that tutorial when you put makeup on Sophie. She’s so gorgeous, by the way. But at the end, she was like, ‘Maybe I can put makeup on you, dad.’ You were like, ‘No.’ Do you ever let other people do your makeup, or is it that you’re so particular that it has to be you.”

Simmons replied:

“Do you know what’s interesting? We’ve never had anyone else put makeup on our faces. We’ve been the only ones that continue to apply it to ourselves every show. I guess it comes down to pride. Pride of this thing called KISS is ours. We invented it; we trademarked it, we continue to play our own instruments instead of having a tape in the background. It’s pride.”

You can watch the tutorial with his daughter below.