Kirk Hammett Shares The Part Two Of His Mysterious Story With New Soundtrack

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett shared the second episode of his horror and adventure tale via his official Twitter account.

It’s a known fact that Kirk enjoys a good spooky story, and now he’s featuring in one. The guitarist had previously released the first part on Reddit’s ‘NoSleep’ sub, along with the announcements of the tale on TikTok and Twitter. Now, it seems that the adventure continues with the same enthusiasm as Kirk shared a new episode.

The story features a classic mystery plot where the protagonist, Abigail Forte, is looking for her missing brother William ‘Wills’ Forte. As she has recovered her brother’s journals and tape recordings, the woman is desperate to unveil the sinister reality of Wills’ whereabouts. When Abigail decides to publish her findings on social media, Hammett comes into the picture.

As stated in our previous coverage of the story, Abigail is an acquaintance of Kirk. She gets in touch with the guitarist and hopes for Hammett’s help. Since she is not able to release her brother’s actual recordings, Hammett is eager to help her as he re-records the missing Forte’s guitar solos. Kirk’s soundtracks definitely bring a new layer to the creepy storyline.

As Reddit’s ‘NoSleep’ is famous for fictional horror tales, there is no doubt that the story is fabricated. Yet, it only adds more to the fun. As Abigail’s findings take the audience on a journey toward the unknown, Kirk’s fascination with horror and talent for music makes a great duo to bring a unique dimension to the creepy story.

Hammet shared the arrival of the new episode with the caption:

Part Two!

You can view Hammett’s announcement below.