Kirk Hammett Debuts A Soundtrack Leading To A Journal

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett recently shared new acoustic music accompanied by a new and mysterious storyline via his official TikTok and Twitter accounts.

Kirk Hammet is known for his love for horror material, and his recent posts show that he is currently featuring in a new creepy story. Hammett’s video shows a person navigating a long road lined with trees while Hammett’s acoustic guitar compliments the journey. The video and the soundtrack are linked to a spooky storyline, and the guitarist seems to be helping the characters with his music.

One of the story’s main characters is Abigail Forte, who is looking for his missing brother, William ‘Wills’ Forte. As Abigail discovers his brother’s mysterious journals, she seeks the help of the Metallica guitarist. Kirk Hammett shared the first part of the journals on his Reddit account.

As Forte discovers his brother’s journals and recordings on a tape, the sister contacts Hammett, who she knew through a friend, to remake her brother’s music, and the soundtrack is born. The project seems to be as mysterious as the content since the fans haven’t been able to recover information regarding if the missing brother’s case was in any way real.

Still, the project seems entirely fictional, yet it allows the readers to interact and solve the case alongside the characters and Kirk Hammett. New soundtracks seem to come as new parts of the mysterious journey will be published. As mentioned, Hammett has announced the arrival of the first part through his official TikTok and Twitter accounts.

Hammett wrote in the caption:

”Read part one now!”

You can watch the video on TikTok and Twitter below.


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