Kirk Hammett Shares James Hetfield’s Reaction To Him Working On A Solo Album Without Metallica

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently joined an interview with The Mercury News to discuss his upcoming solo record, ‘Portals.’ The guitarist revealed that his bandmate, James Hetfield, was very supportive during the whole process.

Kirk Hammett gave the surprising news to his fans a few months ago and announced that his first solo EP, titled ‘Portals,’ will drop on April 23, 2022. Hammett has stuck in music lovers’ minds with his tenure in two influential metal bands, Exodus and Metallica. He has been actively continuing his career with Metallica, but he also decided to step into a solo career and is now ready to take the stage with his first solo record.

Moreover, he is also the first Metallica member to announce a solo work. The guitarist also recently released the first single, ‘High Plains Drifter,’ from his forthcoming album. Hammett’s debut EP will include four tracks and invite the listeners to a nearly 30-minute musical journey. During his recent interview, the guitarist explained that he’s been feeling pre-release anxiety since he carries the whole burden without the support of any bandmate.

However, Kirk Hammett added that his bandmate from Metallica, James Hetfield, was there whenever he needed emotional support. The guitarist revealed that he felt anxious and insecure during this process. Still, when he told that to Hetfield, the singer relieved him by saying that it was a new experience that contributed to his growth as a better musician. Hetfield’s words were quite encouraging and comforting for Hammett and gave him another perspective to look at the issue.

Kirk Hammett speaking on James Hetfield’s support of his debut solo work:

“I said to James, ‘This is weird. I have an album release, and usually, I have you three other guys. But it’s just me, and it makes me feel insecure and nervous.’ And James only had one reply: ‘This is a growth and learning experience for you, bro.’ And I go, ‘Thank you for saying that because I didn’t see it like that.'”

You can check out the first single from Hammett’s first solo EP below.