David Gilmour Is Trying To Learn Playing A New Instrument

Pink Floyd star David Gilmour’s wife and author, Polly Samson, shared a new photo on her verified Instagram account today that shows David holding an instrument that fans are not used to seeing before.

At the very beginning of the year, Polly started a new photography series on her Instagram account named ‘Something In My Eye,’ and she has been sharing a new photo that she took using that hashtag every day. In this way, Pink Floyd fans have gotten an opportunity to find out about what David has been up to, just like today.

In the photo she shared, David is holding a four-string instrument and it’s hard to say whether he’s trying to learn or playing it. Since he released his latest single featuring his daughter Romany Gilmour named ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts’ a year ago, fans are curious to know if he’s about to release a new recording soon.

Right after Polly posted the photo, David dropped a new Pink Floyd footage on his own Instagram page to mourn Richard Wright’s passing on his birthday. As you might know, Rick was the co-founding member of the band, and he played in almost every single recording of the band until he passed away.

With his post, David not only honored his former bandmate who died from lung cancer at the age of 65 but also announced that they unearthed the demo version of ‘Marooned’ from 1993 which was originally called ‘Cosmic 13.’

Here is the caption of the post he shared:

“Missing Rick on his birthday.

Here’s the birth of ‘Marooned’ from our Pink Floyd sessions of January 1993. It was originally known as ‘Cosmic 13.’ Just Rick with me, Nick, and Guy jamming straight to a stereo DAT machine at Britannia Row.

For me, a magical moment. “

You can check out both David’s photo and the video he shared below.

Photo Credit: Polly Samson – Instagram