Scott Weiland’s Concern About The Doors’ Jim Morrison


Throughout his thirty-year career, Scott Weiland succeeded in impressing his audience, especially as the lead vocalist of Stone Temple Pilots. He came to the fore with his unique voice, which he combined with his chaotic and vivid personality. The rocker’s frequently changing appearance and vocal style greatly impacted the music world, making him a source of inspiration, especially for upcoming musicians. He also became known for singing with a megaphone during his performances to deliver more effective vocals.

Weiland’s vocal style continuously improved and evolved throughout his successful career. While experiencing his band’s massive success in the ’90s, his voice began to reflect a deep baritone style. Thus, the rocker’s voice was constantly compared to Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s, who also has a strong baritone voice. However, Weiland was surprised by these comments because he was concerned about being compared to The Doors’ Jim Morrison.

Scott Weiland Was Worried His Voice Would Be Compared To Jim Morrison’s


Jim Morrison left behind his impressive contributions to the rock scene, primarily as the successful lead vocalist of The Doors. His poetic lyrics, unique voice, and rough personality have greatly inspired many rockers. The vocalist was always considered among the most influential rock singers in the music scene. Morrison reflected all the emotions of the songs with his deep voice and significantly impacted the new generation of rockers like Scott Weiland.

When Weiland was told in a 1994 interview with Rolling Stone about the similarity between his voice and Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder’s, he disagreed with this comment. He also revealed a surprising fact pointing out Jim Morrison’s impact on him. As the vocalist mentioned, he was constantly listening to The Doors during the recording process of the band’s album. Therefore, he had concerns about whether the audience would think he tried to sound like Morrison. The rocker noted that he had never considered he was going to be compared to Pearl Jam.

Scott Weiland told the following when said they sounded like Pearl Jam:

“It’s funny, when we were recording the record, I was listening to a lot of Doors, and I was worried about the fact that people would say I was trying to sound like Jim Morrison. I never thought there was going to be this Pearl Jam thing. I never thought it would blow up the way it has.”

The comparison between Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam remained on the agenda for a while. Scott Weiland and Eddie Vedder’s deep baritone voices were often considered similar. However, it is clear that Weiland was surprised by this comparison as he expected their devoted fans to detect Morrison’s influence on his sound.