Erik Grönwall On Replacing Sebastian Bach, ‘I’m A Bon Scott Guy’

Skid Row’s new lead singer Erik Grönwall recently joined the Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show for a conversation and stated that he understands fans who demand Sebastian Bach instead of him, as he also prefers to see classic lineups.

Sebastian Bach initially rose to fame as the lead vocalist of Skid Row during the late 1980s. As the frontman of the band, he was lucky enough to find success with the first two albums, certified multi-platinum. After handling the vocal duties until 1996, the singer was fired from Skid Row due to disagreements over personal and creative issues. After a three-year hiatus following Bach’s departure, Skid Row continued its career with several different vocalists in later years.

When ZP Theart left the band after five years in 2022, Skid Row announced Erik Grönwall as their new lead singer. The first single featuring Grönwall, titled ‘The Gang’s All Here,’ arrived on March 25, 2022. The band’s new album of the same name also dropped on October 14. As the fans generally want to see the classic lineups of the bands they are fans of, fronting Skid Row after a dominant singer like Sebastian Bach has not been easy for Grönwall.

Speaking about this issue in a new interview, the singer explained that he truly understands the fans’ wishes for a reunion with a classic lineup since he also prefers the same, like AC/DC with Bon Scott. However, he observes that people seem very excited about their new record and have finally started to embrace him. According to Erik, it is a privilege to be involved in a band like Skid Row, as their fans are very involved and express their opinions about every tiny detail.

Erik Grönwall’s statements on being the new frontman of Skid Row:

“I understand the fan perspective of wanting the original lineup — I understand that — because I’m a Bon Scott guy myself. But I think that people are really excited about this new album, and I feel like even the people who want the original lineup are actually starting to approve.

When I joined this band, I realized that it’s such a privilege to have people so interested in the band, talking about the band, and discussing everything. A lot of bands would kill for that, and that’s a privilege. You have all these people talking about Skid Row, and they like that singer or they like that song, or they like that era, and that’s just incredible, having people so excited about it or hating it.”

You can watch the full interview below.