Corey Taylor Admits The Connection Between Surviving Abuse And His Interest In Horror

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor recently joined a conversation with Rolling Stone and shared that he thinks there is a correlation between the trauma of abuse and his fascination with horror.

Corey Taylor has previously opened up about being sexually abused as a child. Speaking to Doctor Siri Sat Sam Singh on an episode of Viceland’s ‘The Therapist,’ Taylor shared his feelings about his troubled childhood. The conversation revolved around several sensitive topics, such as domestic violence, poverty, and suicide.

After surviving abuse and experiencing a traumatic childhood, Corey Taylor is now a father who tries to protect his children so they do not undergo the same traumas. He is currently 48 years old and continues his career with Slipknot while contributing to several projects outside the music industry. Besides music, Taylor is also known for his passion for horror, which is probably not surprising, given Slipknot’s style and sound.

Taylor’s interest in horror isn’t limited to just following horror cinema and literature. Known as a true horror geek, he had re-released the 1980s horror documentary ‘In Search Of Darkness’ as a collectors edition, which he started by introducing himself as ‘an avid horror fan.’ The musician’s horror adventure didn’t stop there as he also played Chilly Billy in the movie ‘Bad Candy,’ and he was most recently a part of ‘Rucker’ as Taco Tuesday.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the frontman shared the link between his experience of sexual abuse as a child and his current passion for horror. He explained there’s something cool about a scary movie or a monster and pointed to the underlying metaphor that people can face their fears even if they’re not the strongest. Taylor added that while watching a horror movie, he feels like if they can get through it, he can get through it, too. Therefore, horror movies interestingly fill the frontman with hope and help them become his ‘own hero.’

Here is what Corey Taylor said about surviving abuse and his interest in horror:

“There’s the obvious reasons. There’s something cool about a scary movie; there’s something cool about a monster. There’s something cool about the underlying metaphor of ‘It doesn’t matter sometimes if you aren’t the strongest one, you can win and conquer your fears.’ It’s like, ‘Well, if they could get through that I can get through this.’ It makes you feel like you can be your own hero.”

While Corey Taylor devotes time to horror and acting, he also does not neglect his music career. He’ll hit the road in South America with Slipknot in December and give concerts in Indonesia and Japan in March and April. After that, they will continue by touring Europe.