Ted Nugent Shares One Condition To Become A Real Man

Ted Nugent has one condition for one to become a man.

In the new video he shared on YouTube as a part of his ‘Spirit Campfire’ series, Nugent talked about what a ‘real man’ should carry with him at all times.

“Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire is about rugged individualism, effervescent masculinity, being a good provider and protector of family. That includes always having a fire extinguisher in all your vehicles always having a tool belt and a pocketknife, a handkerchief, reading glasses, a lighter, and a pen.”

He claimed he was always prepared when someone asked for something and named the one item that made someone ‘a real man’:

“I mean be prepared. Every time somebody goes, ‘Anybody got a pen?’ I got a pen. ‘Anybody got a lighter?’ I got a lighter. Somebody cuts themselves and they’re going to die from hemorrhaging bleeding, I got my large neckerchief and I’ve saved lives when I carry handkerchief. By the way, all you guys out there if you don’t have a clean handkerchief, you’re not a real man. That’s a brash thing to say but my dad always checked before I left the house, ‘Do you have a clean handkerchief?'”

What ‘Spirit Campfire’ Is About

Nugent’s ‘Spirit Campfire’ is joined by ESPN’s John Brenkus, and it gives a peek into musical influences, funny stories, moments, and a lineup of guests. The show premiered in June 2020.

He said of the show that it will include ‘honest communication’ and that it holds spiritual and intellectual adventure:

“My American Dream has been enhanced and throttled by uninhibited, non-filtered honest communication on all levels forever, and the ‘Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire’ exemplifies this openness and positive spiritual and intellectual adventure. It’s the physics of spirituality with attitude. We’re having a damn rock ‘n’ roll riot here.”

You can watch this week’s episode with the guest John Borkovich below.