Kirk Hammett Admits Having Doubts About James Hetfield

Kirk Hammett recently opened up about his doubts and concerns regarding his bandmate, James Hetfield, in an exclusive interview with So What!. The long-time band members share a deep connection, but it seems Hammett still felt in doubt about Hetfield at some point.

James Hetfield has been no stranger to the struggles of alcoholism throughout his career with Metallica. The frontman’s battle with addiction has been well-documented in the film ‘Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster’ and even inspired their song ‘Frantic.’ His addiction had a significant impact on his life and the band’s journey, so his return to rehab in 2019 was concerning for the fans.

In the interview with So What!, Kirk Hammett recalled his concerns about Hetfield, especially in light of his bandmate’s return to rehab in 2019 and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. According to the guitarist, these events made him feel like they were back in the days of ‘Some Kind Of Monster,’ casting a shadow of uncertainty over Metallica’s future.

Here is what Kirk Hammett recalled about James Hetfield’s rehab stint:

“In all honesty, it felt like where we were at ‘Some Kind of Monster.‘ Because whenever someone experiences something that’s life-changing, life-moving, you have to just accept the fact that you don’t know what’s going to happen once the person returns. You don’t know how the process might change them. So, when James went off to rehab, and then COVID hit, I mean, that was a double whammy! And it looked like the future was very, very bleak.

It’s clear that the challenges faced by James Hetfield have left a lasting impression on his fellow band members, including Kirk Hammett. Despite these concerns, Metallica has continued to rock the stages, and fans can look forward to their upcoming No Repeat Weekend shows in Paris, France, on May 17 and 19.