James Hetfield Says He Doesn’t Feel Responsible For Metallica Fans’ Concerns About The Band’s Future

In a recent interview with So What!, James Hetfield, the charismatic frontman of Metallica, opened up about his perspective on the worries and concerns of the band’s dedicated fanbase. As one of the most influential bands in heavy metal history, it’s no surprise that Metallica’s every move is closely followed by millions of fans around the world. But as the vocalist made it clear, he doesn’t feel responsible for their anxieties.

Over the last few years, several events caused fans to worry about the future of the band. One major concern was Hetfield’s return to rehab in 2019, nearly two decades after his initial treatment for alcohol addiction in 2001. This development, which became an inspiration and a life lesson for the musician, not only raised questions about his own well-being but also sparked unease about the band’s stability and future. Fortunately, despite these worries, they have emerged stronger than ever.

In mid-April, the world-renowned metal group released their highly-anticipated new album, ‘72 Seasons,’ marking their first studio record in seven years. The lengthy hiatus between albums only served to heighten anticipation and stir emotions among fans, but ultimately, the wait proved well worth it. Nevertheless, it’s not unusual for fans to feel stressed, given the long gaps between releases.

In his recent interview, Hetfield acknowledged that the fans’ concerns and anticipation were valid but insisted that he didn’t feel responsible for their feelings, ideas, or comments, as they were uncontrollable. So, instead, he said he has chosen to focus on what he could govern – his own actions and contributions to the band. James also added that fans shouldn’t try to figure out how he feels since it’s impossible because he’s going through a time where he’s trying to discover himself.

The musician explained his stance on the subject as follows:

“As far as other people’s worries and concerns and fears about Metallica continuing or not – I don’t feel responsible for them, but I do feel that I’m responsible for what I can do, what I can put out there. I’m not worried about, you know, and maybe – it seems egotistical to think that ‘There’s so many people relying on the Metallica record to get them through the year,’ or whatever it is. That is not the – I get it that it does help people. It’s not up to me, absolutely.

I think most of the feedback around me going to rehab, and all of the stuff, and people’s theories, people’s ideas, ‘What does that mean?’, you know, trying to figure me out. I’m still trying to figure me out. I mean, all that stuff is out of my control, man.”

By saying that he prefers focusing on his own actions and the music he creates instead of the listener’s emotions and opinions, Papa Het underscored the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of external pressures. Luckily, with their new album, ’72 Seasons,’ now out in the world, it’s clear that the band is still a force to be reckoned with and that they will continue to forge their own path, no matter the challenges ahead.