72 Seasons Album Review: A Classic ‘Modern Era Metallica’ Album

After a seven-year of waiting, Metallica has finally released their latest album, ’72 Seasons,’ and it was well worth the wait. The iconic heavy metal band has once again delivered a powerful and emotional collection of tracks, reminding us why they continue to be a force in the music world. Fans always eagerly anticipate new album releases, as it means the band will hit the road and perform live. With ’72 Seasons,’ Metallica has kept their promise, providing fans with an unforgettable listening experience.

Recent Metallica albums, such as ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’ and ‘Death Magnetic,’ have showcased a distinct formula that’s easily identifiable. If AI could create music and was given the task of crafting a Metallica album, it would likely be one of the easiest projects to undertake. The band’s unique and recognizable sound has evolved over the years, with recent albums building on their signature style. From the heavy riffs and booming drums to melodic interludes and introspective lyrics, Metallica’s sound is instantly distinguishable. ’72 Seasons’ is no exception, showcasing the band’s classic elements while also exploring new and exciting directions. The album’s intense energy, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful musicianship serve as a testament to Metallica’s enduring talent and creativity.

Assessing ’72 Seasons’ on a song-by-song basis might seem a bit futile, as the 12-track album doesn’t stray too far from the band’s established sound. In many ways, it’s an extension of their previous album, ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct,’ with a focus on heavy metal. The lyrics remain potent and intense, although not as raw and unrelenting as on their controversial 2003 album, ‘St. Anger.’ While ’72 Seasons’ doesn’t necessarily break new ground for Metallica, it’s still a solid and consistent offering that will satisfy longtime fans of their heavy and unyielding sound.

Examining the individual members of Metallica, it’s clear that ’72 Seasons’ is heavily influenced by James Hetfield’s contributions. The lyrics are built on his riffs, and he serves as the driving force behind the album’s sound. Though Lars Ulrich’s primary role may appear to be drumming, his drums actually serve to complement Hetfield’s riffs. Ulrich’s true value lies in the production realm, where he truly excels. As seen in previous albums like ‘Death Magnetic’ and ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct,’ his ability to navigate the band’s intricate sound is unmatched, as a producer, of course.

Kirk Hammett, however, doesn’t bring anything new to the table. His guitar tone and solos remain consistent, and no groundbreaking innovations are present. As for Rob Trujillo, it’s well-known that he doesn’t have much input in songwriting and production. Nonetheless, he does have a standout bass intro in ‘Sleepwalk My Life Away,’ reminiscent of KISS’s ‘I Was Made For Loving You.’ This bass-centric approach has become a signature feature of albums featuring Trujillo.

Overall, is ’72 Seasons’ an enjoyable album? Absolutely. It’s a classic representation of Metallica’s modern era. It’s impressive that they’re still creating music despite their age, and it bodes well for the future. When ‘Death Magnetic’ was released, it was described as a ‘modern Justice album,’ a phrase that’s equally fitting for ’72 Seasons.’ Three albums in a row share a similar sound, and while nothing radical is promised by Metallica, this sound still resonates with fans. However, a significant change may be necessary for their next album.

Metallica’s history has seen various shifts in style and sound: progressive metal with ‘Justice,’ pop-metal with the ‘Black Album,’ and a more mainstream rock approach in the ‘Load’ and ‘Reload’ albums. It seems likely that a major change is inevitable for their next album, and if they don’t make this shift, fans might not respond as positively. Metallica has a long-standing tradition of reinventing themselves, and it’s this evolution that has kept them relevant and successful over the years. We can only hope that their next album continues this legacy of innovation and growth, ensuring that Metallica remains a powerhouse in the heavy metal world.