Geddy Lee Introduces New Rush Beer With Alex Lifeson In A Funny Video


Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson finally reunited and announced their new ‘Rush’ beer in a funny video through Lee’s Instagram account.

As you know, Rush disbanded in 2018 because they thought their time had come after recording and performing for 41 years. Although there weren’t any hard feelings or drama between the members, their fans were saddened by this decision. The band wasn’t very eager to do a reunion record or performances, but they eliminated the idea completely after Neil Peart died from brain cancer in 2020.

The past year, 2020, was a challenging year for everyone, including the remaining band members, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Their fans got excited when the tribute band Primus announced that they will go on Rush Tribute Tour and that Les Claypool was practicing with Rush’s very own Geddy Lee.

Recently, Lee and Lifeson excited their fans once again by reuniting at a beer brewery. The tags on the duo’s t-shirts stated ‘Beer Scientist’ and ‘Beer Drinker.’ With this funny video, they revealed the release of their Canadian Ale ‘Rush,’ and in the caption, Lee stated that the beverage will be released on August 30, 2021.

The caption of their Instagram post read:

“Why are we here? Well, for the beer!

From the Dirk Music Shameless Promotion Department, I am proud to announce the release of Rush Canadian Golden Ale on August 30, 2021. My buddy Lerxst and I chose it out of thousands, or well, at least 10… and had a much needed blast together in doing so! I hope you dig it!”

Here is what Lifeson said playfully in the video:

“Typically when I’m here at the brewery, and I’m doing experiments, I put it down here, and I turn this nozzle here. Nozzle, I think it’s a fantastic word.”

This is what Lee asked:

“How much beer does this factory of beer make?”

Lifeson sarcastically answered him saying:

“Lifeson: Well brewery is the proper term that we use in the science community. We tried 20 different beers. We settled down to, I think, 3.”

The whole video made their fans laugh as it was very nice to see them next to each other making jokes. The announcement of their new beer was also emotional for their fans because although they couldn’t release new music after Peart’s death, they still collaborated on another field.