Lars Ulrich Details Metallica’s New Pre-Show Ritual


During a recent interview with Chicago’s Rock 95.5, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich stated that their attitude toward playing perfectly at the live shows changed as they more accepted the human side of it. Hence, their preparations before the show changed due to their new mindset.

Metallica released their tenth and latest album, ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct,’ on November 18, 2016. So, the band has been silent for six years, making the fans increasingly impatient for a new record as days pass. The band members didn’t forget to give the good news to the music listeners by explaining in several previous interviews that they’ve been working on their new album for a while.

It is known from the group members’ statements that they’ve spent the past few years working on the follow-up record to their latest album. Yet, it is still unclear when the new album will be ready to be shared with the listeners. The group is going through a pretty quiet period, aside from a few festival dates they will perform in the following months.

During a new appearance, Lars Ulrich explained how they decided on the final setlist for their shows. The drummer explained that there are nearly 60 songs from their catalog they constantly work on to present to the audience. Ulrich also noted that they are much more relaxed with the pre-stage preparation process compared to the past since they are more aware of the human side of it now.

Looking back, they were more focused on playing perfect shows, but now they are more comfortable with what they do on the stage. They know that making mistakes is also an inevitable side of their business. As a result, they don’t need to rehearse much before the shows, so they only jam for about 20 or 30 minutes and play the songs they didn’t perform for a while before the show.

Lars Ulrich speaking on their changing attitude towards playing perfect gigs:

“There are maybe 60 songs that we can more or less roll out on somewhat of a moment’s notice, and also, Metallica is not exactly accused of being the most overly rehearsed band on this planet. We like it, that is by deciding. We like to keep it loosey-goosey on the edges. We like it increasingly as we get older. I feel more comfortable with the human side. Twenty years ago, it was like everything had to be perfect, every hit and every note.

If it’s not, then you f*cked up. Now it’s like it is just happening. So there are about 50 or 60 songs that we can pretty much roll out. We have a room back here somewhere. We have a little setup. We’ll go in there and jam for 20-30 minutes before we go up on stage. Kind of warmup and run, a couple of songs we may not have played for a while, and that usually get us by.”

You can watch the entire interview below.