Kelly Hansen Gives The Green Light To Perform With Lou Gramm For Foreigner

Prior to Foreigner‘s upcoming farewell tour, Kelly Hansen talked to The SDR Show about the band’s former vocalist, Lou Gramm. During the interview, the musician expressed his opinion on performing with Gramm and answered his previous claims about Hansen’s singing style in the band.

A few months ago, the band announced their final shows that would be a farewell to their long-time fans, and fans got curious if Lou Gramm would join the tour. Hansen replaced Gramm’s position in Foreigner in 2005 and has been the band’s frontman for almost 20 years. But he and the former vocalist have not been on good terms.

Gramm previously accused Hansen of stealing his style and expressed discomfort regarding the issue. As an answer to his statements, the vocalist indicated that he has been trying to ‘present these songs as faithfully as he can.’ He added that he was ‘not trying to hurt anyone’ but ‘to do his own thing.’

In a recent interview, Hansen stated:

“If you’re the guy who did the stuff originally, and someone’s out there doing it now, and you’re not [in the band], I understand. But I’m only trying to extend the legacy and present these songs as faithfully as I can, and I’m not trying to hurt anybody. I’m just trying to do my thing.”

Despite Gramm’s claims, however, Hansen is open to performing with him on the upcoming shows. He stated that he would be happy to be on stage with him and all the other living members for one last time as he respected their accomplishments and contributions to Foreigner’s journey.

His words in the same interview read:

The door is always open to all the original members, all the surviving members of the band, to come and play with us. I encourage that, and I really enjoy doing it. I’ve always loved having those guys and respected everything that they’ve accomplished, even though sometimes it’s not always reciprocal.”

Despite the controversy between him and Lou Gramm, Kelly Hansen seems ready to share the stage with the former vocalist and members of Foreigner. With this green light, it may be possible for a show with all of them to happen in the upcoming farewell tour. As the two performed together before, it is not a far-fetched possibility.