Keith Richards Reveals Charlie Watts’ Final Request From The Rolling Stones

Keith Richards recently shared what was Charlie Watt’s last wish from the Rolling Stones during a special press conference where the band announced their latest album, ‘Hackney Diamonds.’

The guitarist was talking about the makings of the upcoming album, which is set to be released on October 20; when the host, Jimmy Fallon, asked what it was like to record without Charlie Watts, for the first time in years. Richards said:

“Ever since Charlie’s gone, it’s different… I mean, he’s number four. He’s missing. Of course, he’s missed, incredibly.”

Then, he revealed what Watts’ one final wish and recommendation for his bandmates was:

“But thanks to Charlie Watts, also, we have Steve Jordan who was Charlie’s recommendation if anything should happen to him. [Charlie said] ‘Steve Jordan is your man.'”

Richards carried on by discussing their current collaboration with their new drummer:

“[Watts recommended Steve] Way, way back. He’s been a friend of ours, I worked with Steve. So, it was kind of natural progression. It would have been a lot harder without Charlie’s blessing, but, at the same time, it’s a hard team.”

Although the late Charlie Watts didn’t get the chance to actively participate in the studio, the drummer will still appear on two tracks on ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ through songs that were recorded before his passing.

‘Hackney Diamons’ will also feature special guests like Lady Gaga, former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman and Stevie Wonder. The album’s producing task also falls into the hands of Andrew Watt, who’d previously produced names like Elton John, Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne, and Iggy Pop.

You can check out the full press conference below.