Adam Lambert: ‘The LGBTQ Community Is Under Attack’

Now that it is Pride Month, Adam Lambert recently shared a Twitter post, saying that the LGBTQ community currently faces opposition from right-wing forces, so visibility and representation are quite significant.

The ‘Ghost Town’ singer started his words:

“Visibility is so powerful. The LGBTQ community are under attack by the right-wing (Again). Creating entertainment that represents the queer experience gives us strength and hope. It gives us inspiration. It makes us shed some of that shame and self-loathing that we grow up with.”

While explaining that there is still progress to be made, Lambert expressed pride in how far the LGBTQ community has come:

“I’m so thrilled to be an artist during this time. There’s still work to be done, but I am very proud of how far we have come and what we have overcome.”

In an interview with This Morning at the beginning of June, the vocalist had again addressed the pushback that the LGBTQ community received in the US. He thinks it is related to the community’s increasing prominence and positive representation.

Adam said:

“Yeah. I mean, there’s different attitudes in different countries for sure. I think, right now, even in the US, you’re seeing a strange sort of pushback, and it’s probably in response to the fact that we’re shining so brightly and so beautifully.

The community has come really far, and we’ve made a lot of strides. Our equality is starting to come around, but there’s always gonna be people that are a little scared of what they don’t understand or reject something that they are confused about.”

The singer will also be headlining this year’s London Pride on July 1 with the official single of the celebrations, ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).’ Later, he will perform with Queen on their Rhapsody Tour, which kicks off on October 4.

You can check out his tweet below.