Iggy Pop Raises The Fans’ Expectations With ‘Every Loser’

The 75-year-old icon Iggy Pop has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to leave the rock and roll scene anytime soon by announcing a new album. It seems clear that he is determined to excite fans more about his new release. Iggy recently revealed the title of his upcoming record and argued that ‘Every Loser’ would raise the bar.

Iggy Pop’s latest release was the 2019 album ‘Free.’ Now, he is getting ready to release his nineteenth studio album with producer Andrew Watt and Gold Tooth to return to his musical roots. In a previous statement, Iggy argued that he was very confident about how this new album would turn out as Watt understood what he aimed to achieve.

“The music will beat the sh*t out of you,” had said Iggy Pop in a recent statement, thrilling the fans for his upcoming effort. “I’m the guy with no shirt who rocks; Andrew and Gold Tooth get that, and we made a record together the old-fashioned way. The players are guys I’ve known since they were kids.”

Rolling Stone recently reported that Iggy’s much-anticipated upcoming record will be called ‘Every Loser.’ The highly-anticipated 11-track album is expected to hit the shelves on January 6, but it can now be preordered. The opening track ‘Frenzy’ was released beforehand as the first single, featuring GN’R’s Duff McKagan on bass and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith on drums.

‘Every Loser’s tracklist follows:

    1. Frenzy
    2. Strung Out Johnny
    3. New Atlantis
    4. Modern Day Rip Off
    5. Morning Show
    6. The News For Andy
    7. Neo Punk
    8. All The Way Down
    10. My Animus Interlude
    11. The Regency