K.K. Downing To David Ellefson: ‘You’ve Got A Lot Of Friends Around The World’

Judas Priest’s former guitarist K. K. Downing has shown his support for the iconic Megadeth bassist, David Ellefson as he was fired from Megadeth recently because of a sex scandal involving a minor. As you may recall, although he had been accused of child grooming, David had denied the allegations and the woman involved said she had consent.

Now former Megadeth bassist, David Ellefson had been considered a respected musician as he had a successful career along with being sober for a long time and a committed Christian. So, it came as a shock for the fans when the scandal surfaced. In the light of his masturbation video and leaked conversations with the woman involved, he was accused of being a pedophile and grooming an underage girl.

As he was a Lutheran pastor and a devoted Christian, he also faced heavy criticism from the Christian community. David was also married for 27 years along with two children which only increased the damage to his reputation. He even had made his official Instagram account private at that time to protect himself and his family from harassment.

Despite the public announcements made by David and the woman, Megadeth had taken a standoffish position against what happened. As David and Mustaine had a feud before and they had unresolved issues between them already, the announcement made by Megadeth on their Instagram account to let fans know that David has been fired had come as no surprise.

In Megadeth’s post, Mustaine had informed the fans that David was no longer playing with Megadeth and the news surfaced was making things harder to work together. After that statement, fans had been disappointed and an old tweet of Mustaine which consisted of a selfie of him and David with a caption saying they ‘will always be best friends’ went viral.

Recently in an interview with Sirius XM’s ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,’ K. K. Downing shared his support for David Ellefson, saying that David has a lot of friends around the world. He also said that he is a gentleman and he is not only liked but also loved. He continued by saying that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but David made the door open after what happened although he messed up. Later, Downing said he wished him well and made it clear that he knows David will come back someday.

You can see what Downing said in the interview below.

“But, yes, Dave and I, every now and again we’re in touch, and, obviously, I did send David a text saying, obviously, ‘You’ve got a lot of friends around the world,’ and he does. He’s not just liked — he’s actually loved. Because he’s such a gentleman. He gives time to… I prided myself in Priest, I really felt I was the one guy that was the very last person to hang out with the fans and just socialize and all of that. But David is exactly that person — he really is — and everybody says that about him.”

What happened — and I talk about it with other journalists and things like that — if this had happened in the ’70s or the ’80s, it would have just been put down to rock and roll. He’s no different to anybody else. We’ve all got strengths, and we’ve all got weaknesses, especially as men, I’m afraid. And so many have kept the doors closed where David messed up and left the door ajar, but he’s no different to anybody else.

So, I wish him well and everything, and I know that he will, obviously, come back, because he’s so good. And he’s an amazing bass player; there are no two ways about it. ‘Cause when we did the gig at Steel Mill, he flew in. We had one rehearsal, in the freezing-cold rehearsal room. He just got off the plane — and Ripper as well — and we ran through the set once. Then we went out and did the show, for better or for worse.”

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