Gene Simmons Names The Record Robert Plant ‘Got All His Stuff’ From

Gene Simmons of KISS joined an interview with Wyatt Wendels during which he talked about the bands and albums that inspired both his solo career and his career with KISS. During the conversation, Simmons also touched upon a record that was quite influential on Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant.

Led Zeppelin’s music was particularly rooted in the blues which directly or indirectly influenced the band’s songs either musically or lyrically. Especially on their first two albums, ‘Led Zeppelin’ and ‘Led Zeppelin II’, they were influenced by some successful American blues artists such as Skip James, Howlin’ Wolf, and Muddy Waters.

Featured the album ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ the Zeppelin classic ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is considered a direct take of Small Faces’ Steve Marriott’s version of the song ‘You Need Loving,’ a song originally written by the blues musician Willie Dixon and recorded by Muddy Waters. Small Faces was also a great influence on the band, both on their style and sound.

In a previous interview with Wyatt Wendels, KISS’ Gene Simmons stated that this track is where Robert Plant got all his stuff from. Moreover, the bassist implied that there’s a connection between the musicians and their ancestors, saying they were all listening to Buddy Guy at that time, and Buddy Guy was also listening to somebody in the past.

Simmons then added that he was also listening to Chuck Berry and Little Richard when he embarked on a music career. He then added that his music started to evolve, just like what happened with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Small Faces, and Led Zeppelin. According to the bassist, they were all connected in the past.

During the conversation, Gene Simmons said the following:

“There’s a wonderful Small Faces track, if you listen to it you’ll find out where Robert Plant got all his stuff from. [puts on the Small Faces song ‘You Need Loving’] Ladies and gentlemen, this is Steve Marriott and Small Faces. You’re about to learn something important. [the song ends] That was the fabulous Small Faces with Steve Marriot. But lest you think ‘Oh, okay, Led Zeppelin and Steve Marriot, got it.’

There’s also the Jeff Beck group that came before. But they all listen to Buddy Guy. That’s a Buddy Guy lick. And Buddy Guy was ten years before that. Buddy Guy listened to somebody, so it all evolved. When I started listening to music, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard, it started to evolve. Then you heard the Beatles, the Stones, Small Faces, and so then, Led Zeppelin. They’re all connected.

You can listen to the rest of the interview and Small Faces’ ‘You Need Loving’ below.