Justin Hawkins Calls Morrissey A ‘National Treasure’ And Defends Him

There might be unforeseen circumstances while performing live and in Morrissey’s case, the cold weather of ever-sunny LA made the singer quit performing after about thirty minutes into his show. Numerous people have been commenting on the matter ever since, and while some criticize him, many also side with him. Justin Hawkins explained where he stood on the issue in his recent video on his YouTube channel.

So, Morrissey was performing in the Greek Theatre for about five thousand fans when the singer decided to walk off the stage and abruptly end the show. A member of his band then came onto the stage and addressed the crowd, saying that the show had to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Well, people speculated that the unforeseen circumstance was the cold weather, as Morrissey had addressed how cold it was prior to his departure. Fans argued, however, that it was only mildly cold, calling it ‘sweater weather.’ Justin Hawkins, however, had things to say about the matter.

“You know, [what] if somebody’s perceiving the temperature differently to how the rest of us feel it,” pointed Justin. “Maybe there’s some underlying illness happening. I mean not to make an excuse for the legend Morrissey, but you know, if he had some sort of fever or his body’s fighting something off, he might actually feel colder than the rest of us.”

He continued, “And then that is an unforeseen circumstance, a sudden onset kind of fever. Of course, he’s wanting to leave and lay down. Put a blanket over him. It’s Morrissey, national treasure. We need to look after him.”

Morrissey, 63, maybe have felt like the weather would downplay his performance, so the singer did what he felt was the best for his health and the fans’ sake. As Justin remarked, the singer might have felt the weather as colder than it was, and that could have been why the show ended.

The Irish singer had a rough time dealing with the forces of nature. However, some artists choose to continue performing under challenging circumstances. Bruce Springsteen, for instance, didn’t give in when locusts swarmed his stage and gave him a rough time while performing.