Chad Kroeger Admits Not Taking Nickelback Seriously

How bands want to portray themselves is often entirely at odds with what ends up being in the headlines or the cover photographs of magazines. Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger shared with 101 WRIF that the band has often been misrepresented even though they are just four guys playing around that don’t take anything too seriously, especially their lyrics.

“Well, I think just because I’m a bit older now, there’s certain stuff that would be silly of me to say,” noted Kroeger before sharing the fun side of their band that people rarely get to see. “You know, back when I started a song with, ‘I like your pants around your feet.’ That was a different time, a different Chad, a different era.”

Chad remembered one of their earlier dirty songs and how amused they were when it received airplay. Kroeger recalled, “When we recorded ‘You look so much cuter with something in your mouth,’ I mean these songs, you guys play these songs on the radio. I think it is hilarious, and anybody that thinks that we take this band seriously is hilarious cause were just four goofballs sitting there going, ‘Can you imagine if they play this on the radio?’ Then you guys play it on the radio.”

The singer shared that the band is all about having fun, and nobody takes it seriously, as anybody can gather from their lyrics, especially their early tracks. However, more often than not, they have not been able to reflect their true selves and their dynamic as a band. The media tends to get it wrong, which ultimately affects how the fans think about them, but at their core, they are just goofballs making music and having a good old time.