Udo Dirkschneider And Wolf Hoffmann Hated Each Other, Peter Baltes Explains

Accept’s former bassist Peter Baltes recently sat down with Rock And A Hard Place and disclosed that the animosity between Udo Dirkschneider and Wolf Hoffmann was evident before the former’s departure, as they mutually disliked each other.

The musician discussed Dirkschneider’s 1987 exit from Accept:

“The problem was always between Wolf and his wife and Udo. I never had a problem with Udo. I guess [Udo] wasn’t sophisticated enough. He was a blue-collar guy. He was a singer. It never worked out between them. They just hated each other.”

Baltes also parted ways with Accept in November 2018 after playing for over four decades with the act. Explaining why he decided to leave, the musician said:

“I wasn’t the happiest person in Accept before. In my life, every day counts. When you reach my age — I’m 65 now — I wanna enjoy my life, and I don’t wanna do anything I don’t like. I have that right now.”

In a chat with Australia’s Scars And Guitars podcast last year, Udo reflected on his relationship with Hoffmann when asked if he had had any contact with the guitarist:

“Never. And I don’t wanna have any contact with him [Wolf Hoffmann]… I’m really good friends now again with Peter Baltes; he did all the bass guitars on [my new] cover album [‘My Way’], for example. I still have a good relationship with [ex-Accept drummer] Stefan Kaufmann.

Over the years, he was the guitar player in U.D.O. [and] he was producing U.D.O. and stuff like that. And the only guy I don’t wanna talk to — let’s say it this way — is Wolf. There’s a lot of reasons why. I wish him all the best. [He’s] a great guitar player anyway, but for me to work with him again — never.”

Wolf also spoke about Dirkschneider to Spain’s Metal Journal last year and said that Udo’s decision to continue playing Accept songs with his band U.D.O. was amusing. However, he stated that he preferred not to comment on Udo’s actions.

You can listen to Baltes’ full interview below.