Journey Make A New Business Move After Neal Schon’s Conflict With Jonathan Cain

Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain’s legal battle over Journey’s finances continues. According to recent news, the two have now made a new move amid the dispute. As Billboard reported, Cain and Schon decided to cede their co-managerial duties to Mike Kobayashi, who has now become Journey’s new manager.

The feuding rock icons had set up a company named Nomota to operate Journey’s business-related matters. Although they each have 50 percent of rights over the company, Neal Schon argued that Jonathan Cain set up the AmEx card without informing him and never let him know about anything related to Journey’s finances.

Schon then decided to file a lawsuit against his bandmate. As the lawsuit alleged, he didn’t have full access to the records to manage and oversee Nomota and Journey. Following the news, Jonathan Cain broke his silence and said this issue should’ve been resolved privately, and Neal Schon only wants to increase his spending limits as he has some financial problems.

No one would expect Neal to stay silent against these accusations. He issued a lengthy statement on his Twitter and argued Jonathan was lying as he has limited access despite him being a 50% owner. While a preliminary hearing for the case is scheduled for March 3, 2023, the two recently made a new move by changing the band’s manager.

Journey is now managed by Mike Kobayashi, who also manages Def Leppard. According to Billboard, he confirmed he was ‘just hired’ by the two but didn’t make any further comments on his new position. It seems like it was hard for the two to handle playing in the same band, managing it, and filing lawsuits at the same time.