Jon Lovitz Recalls David Crosby’s Unexpected Request

The rock and roll community has suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of the legendary CSNY and the Byrds founding member David Crosby, which still hasn’t sunk in. Many people have shared their condolences and have paid homage to the singer. Comedian Jon Lovitz also commemorated Crosby with a funny story involving a sketch of his own on his recent appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

“I just saw the sketch recently,” Lovitz said. “I know it was a Christmas, I don’t know, like a rehab Christmas celebration show, and Phil was Johnny Cash, and Nora was Liza Minnelli. I was David Crosby, and we’re like, it’s Christmas, and I just played him like he’s completely out of it, and he’s still like high as a kite.” Apparently, the actor’s sketch caught Crosby’s eye.

Jon continued, “A few years later, this is really funny; he got an award from MusiCares, the charity arm of the Grammys, and he got an award for, like being sober for a year. David calls me and goes, ‘John, I want you to get up at this thing; it’s like a thousand people, it’s a sit-down dinner, and I want you to like come out as me the way you did me on the show totally out of it.’ I go, ‘When I was totally out of it?’ and he goes, ‘Yeah yeah, I want you to do it and come out and accept the award as me.’”

After seeing Lovitz’s portrayal of him, the late singer wanted him to do it when he got the Person of the Year Award. The comedian noted, “So I come out, I’m playing it just out of my skull like I don’t know what’s going on, out of it, and afterward, everyone’s like, ‘That was so disrespectful. How could you do that? He just won an award for being sober, and you’re up there like he’s out of his gourd.’”

Everyone watching was shocked by his drunken state, but Crosby was living his best life during Jon’s performance. Lovitz said, “So I went up to David after, and I said, ‘Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.’ He goes, ‘No, no, no, no.’ I go, ‘No one was laughing.’ He goes, ‘No, no, John, I loved it. I was crying, laughing, and everybody at my table was laughing their heads up. I loved it.’ I say, ‘Okay, good as long as you liked it.’ He says, ‘No, no, I loved it.’ But everyone else in the room was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this guy.’”

This shows that Crosby was down to have a good old laugh without taking anything too seriously. He was so chill that everyone else during the award show got offended on his behalf of him while he was laughing and having the best time, and Lovitz recalls that night with a big smile on his face. Rest in peace David Crosby.