Adam Lambert Introduces His New Boyfriend By Posting A Romantic Photo From Their Date

Queen + Adam Lambert’s lead vocalist, Adam Lambert shared a picture on his Instagram account revealing his new boyfriend, Oliver Gliese, who is the innovation forum coordinator of Global Fashion Agenda.

As a proudly and openly gay artist, Lambert has also been sincere about his romantic relationships, which attracted the attention of his fans as much as his music career. As he personally suggested on many occasions, Adam also preferred to use his fame and popularity to raise awareness about the issues the LGBTQ+ community faced. He has been seen as a role model by many people with his openness about his love life which became as interesting as his music.

Who Has Adam Lambert Dated Previously?

Adam Lambert’s Ex-Boyfriends: Sauli Koskinen And Javi Costa Polo

After he became a famous musician, his first know boyfriend was a Finnish entertainment reporter and reality TV personality, Sauli Koskinen, with whom he dated between November 2010 and April 2013. Later, the couple decided to end their 13 years of relationship and went separate ways because of Lambert’s busy schedule.

Then, Adam started to date with Spanish model and influencer, Javi Costa Polo in March 2019. A few months later, Lambert and Polo announced that they decided to become friends. The reason behind the break-up was the long distance between them. Polo couldn’t live in the U.S permanently because he was a Spanish citizen. However, after the breakup, they remained friends and continued to support each other.

Who Is Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend In 2021?

Adam Lambert And His New Boyfriend Oliver Gliese

Although the public announcement from Instagram was very new, Lambert and his new boyfriend Oliver Gliese first were seen on a beach in Mexico in November 2020. Lambert didn’t deny it but he hasn’t shared any photos since then.

The first photo of the couple was posted by Gliese after Valentine’s day. Recently, Lambert shared their photo from a date night and publicly announced his new relationship via Instagram.

Here’s what Lambert wrote:

“Date night with Oliver Gliese.”

You can see the photos below.

Photo Credit: Oliver Gliese – Instagram