Jon Bon Jovi Shares A Hidden Detail In His Sneak Peek During A Rehearsal

Jon Bon Jovi posted footage from Bon Jovi’s rehearsals, including the band members’ performances for a possible upcoming tour, which will probably be announced soon, on his official Instagram account. However, some of the fans didn’t like a hidden detail in the video.

As you may recall, Bon Jovi’s latest and fifteenth studio album entitled ‘2020’ was actually planned to drop on May 15, 2020, but was later rescheduled to October 2, 2020, because of COVID-19. The album reflects on ongoing problems such as the pandemic and George Floyd’s murder in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The band’s fans started expecting the new Bon Jovi tour after their This House Is Not for Sale Tour ended in 2019. Bon Jovi hasn’t unveiled any details about the date or stops yet. However, the band’s frontman shared a post to ask fans’ help while creating the new setlist. Most fans asked for ‘Story Of Love,’ ‘Blood In The Water,’ ‘Beautiful Drug,’ ‘Luv Can,’ and ‘Limitless.’

The setlist was spotted during a recent sneak peek from their rehearsal. It can be said that Jon Bon Jovi took his fans’ ideas into consideration as it featured the fan-favorites. However, a fan said ‘Bring the rock back’ and added that no one wants to hear ‘Who Says,’ ‘We Weren’t Born To Follow,’ ‘Lost Highway,’ ‘Do What You Can’ anymore.

Here’s what Jovi wrote on his Instagram post:

“A look into a Bon Jovi rehearsal.

Another fan responded:

“No one cares about songs like ‘Who Says,’ ‘We Weren’t Born To Follow,’ ‘Lost Highway,’ ‘Do What You Can.’ Jon, bring the f’cking rock back!”

As it can be seen, some of Bon Jovi’s fans preferred the band’s old-time rock songs instead of their pop-oriented popular songs, while others seemed pleased with their current setlist and return to the stage. It’s not sure whether the band will change their setlist after this, though.