Paul Stanley Praises Dave Grohl For Becoming One Of The Biggest Rock Stars In The World

KISS’ Paul Stanley recently revealed his thoughts about the Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl in a conversation with Consequence and called Grohl one of the biggest rockers worldwide.

Dave Grohl is known for being a huge fan of KISS, and he has been good friends with Paul Stanley. Back when Grohl turned 46, on January 14, 2015, Stanley even attended the musician’s surprise birthday party thrown by his Foo Fighters bandmates and performed KISS songs with Grohl.

In the same year, on April 29, 2015, it was Dave Grohl who introduced Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons at the 32nd Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards. According to Stanley, Grohl instantly accepted this opportunity when he approached him. Moreover, the KISS icon added that Grohl is the last major rock star of the last three decades.

Recently, Paul Stanley was spotted at the red carpet premiere of ‘Studio 666,’ the new Foo Fighters film. During a conversation with Consequence, the iconic rocker yet again praised his fellow musician and said what he has done is phenomenal as he became one of the biggest rock stars in the world after starting his career as a drummer.

Moreover, Stanley said achieving such success is pretty good, and he excited both KISS and Foo Fighters fans by hinting that he is sure he will collaborate with Dave Grohl at some point. He stated that they will make some noise together, and not knowing what’s coming tomorrow makes music so fun.

In the interview with Consequence, Paul Stanley said the following about Dave Grohl:

“Dave and I, we had children in the same school, so I’ve known Dave for a while. I mean, look, what he’s done is phenomenal. The idea of going from being the drummer in such a pivotal band to becoming really arguably one of the biggest rock stars in the world? Pretty good.”

He then continued:

“At some point, I’m sure we’ll do something, we’ll make some noise together. That’s what makes music so fun. Not just the collaboration process, but not knowing what’s coming tomorrow.”

Back in January, Foo Fighters announced that they have been working on a comedy horror flick named ‘Studio 666.’ The film is created by Open Road Films’ Tom Ortenberg with the band’s contribution, and it’s scheduled for release on February 25, 2022.

You can watch the official trailer of ‘Studio 666’ below.