Krist Novoselic On Why He Never Wanted To Play Nirvana Songs Again

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic recently spoke to NME and opened up about the death of Kurt Cobain and how it affected his outlook on playing the songs again. When asked if he would like to reunite with the surviving members of the band, Krist said:

“I’d like to. I always love. There was a time after Kurt [Cobain] died when I said to myself, ‘I’m never going to play these songs again.’ That was part of the grief I went through. We don’t want to overdo it, we try to make it special and be grateful.”

The bassist added that the right circumstances would have to fall in place for them to get together again. He expressed:

“When the opportunity comes, we do it if it feels right. In the meantime, we just remember Kurt and do our thing.”

Some fans had thought that the right circumstances had formed back in 2012 when Dave Grohl reached out to Krist to record what is now the Grammy-winning single, ‘Cut Me Some Slack.’ Grohl had also brought Paul McCartney and Pat Smear along for the recording.

After the track came out there were speculations of Nirvana reuniting with McCartney taking over guitar and vocals. However Krist told Bass Player this past spring that the track was just for ‘fun.’ He recalled:

“We had the old band back together, and we had this cool left-handed guitarist, who was actually Paul McCartney, and he was doing vocals. I had to pinch myself. We ended up winning a Grammy for that song, too.”

Although the bassist felt for a moment that the band was back, he cleared up the rumors of a Paul-led Nirvana and said:

“There was speculation that Nirvana was reuniting, with Paul taking over for Kurt, but it was just fun. He said he liked my basslines. Paul McCartney said that! You can put that in a pull quote.”

You can read Kris Novoselic’s interview with NME here and listen to ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ below.