Krist Novoselic Addresses The Speculations About The Nirvana Reunion

Krist Novoselic recently chatted with Bass Player and opened up about all the rumors surrounding a possible Nirvana reunion and why people thought Paul McCartney was replacing Kurt Cobain.

So, it might be only fair to give you some context before we get into how McCartney filled in for Cobain in what we might call a semi-reunion. Well, on one faithful day in 2012, Krist’s mailbox received a message from an old friend, Dave Grohl, who was in the studio getting ready to record what would be the Grammy-winning single, ‘Cut Me Some Slack.’

With the former Nirvana drummer inviting Novoselic to the recording sessions, it surely felt like a scene out of Ocean’s Twelve, as Dave was on a mission to gather old buddies. However, he had made a new addition to the team, revealing to Krist that none other than Paul McCartney would also be in the sessions, and it was all Krist needed to hear before he made his way to the studio.

Soon enough, the trio, along with Pat Smear, started recording Dave’s solo track. As a left-handed guitarist filled in for Cobain for the first time in years, who Novoselic helped get in the groove with some ‘old grunge tricks,’ the bassist couldn’t help but feel nostalgic upon seeing how Paul fitted right in with the band, realizing that Nirvana was ‘almost’ back in session.

After the single’s release, it didn’t take long for people to start speculating that a Nirvana reunion with McCartney on guitar and vocals would take place. However, while recalling the collab, Novoselic dismissed the rumors, debunking them while clearing the air and saying how that wasn’t the case and the collaboration was just for fun.

The rocker’s words on a possible Nirvana reunion with the Beatle icon and how Paul appraised his bass playing:

“Of course, [Dave Grohl] asked me to play bass. Paul had this slide guitar that he was playing, and Dave was playing drums, but it wasn’t working for us. Then I realized we were playing in D, so I did the old grunge trick, and I drop-tuned my bass to D.

I played some riffs and boom! Paul got into it, Pat Smear was feeling it, and Dave laid down some serious grooves. Then Paul shot me a riff, and I shot him a riff, and everything started clicking perfectly. We had the old band back together, and we had this cool left-handed guitarist, who was actually Paul McCartney, and he was doing vocals. I had to pinch myself. We ended up winning a Grammy for that song, too.

There was speculation that Nirvana was reuniting, with Paul taking over for Kurt, but it was just fun. He said he liked my basslines. Paul McCartney said that! You can put that in a pull quote.”

So, it’s apparent that a possible reunion with McCartney is not in the store, though one could never know what time will show. Still, if you’re wondering what a Paul-led Nirvana would sound like, there’s no need to wonder since the Beatle performed ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ live with the grunge icons for a charity event.