Wolfgang Van Halen’s Tear-Jerking Tribute To Eddie For His Wedding Announced

Mammoth WVH recently appeared on an episode of NBC’s ‘Today’ Show and Wolfgang Van Halen talked about his inclusion in the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack, Mammoth’s newly released album ‘Mammoth II’ and Wolfgang and Andraia’s upcoming wedding. Wolfgang revealed that their wedding song will be ‘In Your Eyes,’ and explained that Peter’s album ‘So’ is special for both him and his father:

“Peter Gabriel is one of our favorite artists. There’s a concert before our wedding that we’re going to see that’s Peter Gabriel, because he’s on tour right now and he’s just one of our favorite artists. So is one of my favorite albums of all time, and it was one of my dad’s favorite albums of all time. So, I’ve just had a connection with Peter Gabriel and his music forever, and simultaneously, my fiancée [is a fan], as well. So, we couldn’t think of a better song.”

In the interview he had with The Messenger on August 2, Wolfgang talked about Eddie Van Halen tribute concerts and whether the rumours are true. He also mentioned that he doesn’t think Van Halen still operates as a band anymore:

“I view me just being alive and being in the music business as a tribute to my father every day. If I have to figure out how to have a life without my father in it, I think people can figure out how to live without Van Halen, because it can’t happen. Dad’s not here, Van Halen doesn’t exist anymore as far as I’m concerned. The music and the legacy are there, and I’ll be here to push that forth, through things like dad’s guitar and amp company, and help in every single way.”

Mammoth WVH is currently on tour, and Nita Strauss will be joining them during Fall. You can check the tour dates and tickets from here, and click here to listen to ‘Mammoth II.’

Below, you can watch the whole interview.