The Musician Paul Stanley Called The ‘Last Major Rock Star’

Formed in 1973, KISS has been rocking the stage for so many years with the members’ unique stage apparel, energetic and shocking live performances, and their hit songs which are considered classics. Although the band went through several lineup changes, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons remained the only members who were featured in every lineup. As of now, they are planning to bid farewell to their fans and the rock music scene with a farewell tour which they think will finish by 2023.

With a music career spanning almost five decades, KISS has released a great number of albums and toured all around the world with numerous tours. As a result of their musical success, they also have received numerous awards and nominations. Back on April 29, 2015, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley accepted the ASCAP Founders Award at the 32nd Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards, and during his speech, Stanley revealed who he thinks is ‘the last major rock star.’ Let’s learn who that musician was.

Paul Stanley Described Dave Grohl As The Last Major Rock Star

On April 29, 2015, in Hollywood, California, KISS icons Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons accepted the ASCAP Founders Award at the 32nd Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards. The award is ASCAP’s most prestigious honor given to songwriters and composers who have made remarkable contributions to music by being a great inspiration to their fellow musicians. Moreover, at the ceremony, it was Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl who introduced the rock icons.

Speaking to Billboard in a 2015 interview, Paul Stanley recalled the time he approached Grohl to ask him if he would introduce them. As the musician said, Grohl, a fan of KISS, instantly accepted this opportunity. Stanley then stated during the interview that he is good friends with Grohl whom he described as the last major rock star of the last three decades. According to Paul, this was because Dave understands his roots just like KISS members do which is also the reason he’s able to fill stadiums worldwide.

In the interview with Billboard, Paul Stanley said the following about Dave Grohl:

“I’m friends with Dave, and really when I said ‘Would you come and do this?’ he jumped at it. Look, Dave is arguably the last major rock star of the last three decades. He’s filling stadiums worldwide because he understands his roots, and that’s what we’re about. Some people have forgotten where we started and who inspired us.”

Below, you can watch Dave Grohl present KISS with the 2015 ASCAP Founders Award.