Roger Waters Claims The Evidence Against Him Was Fabricated

In a recent chat with Red Line TV, Roger Waters opened up about the evidence that was fabricated against him during his infamous show in Berlin. The rocker explained:

“They make it up. They make the evidence of all the attacks on me. There were huge attacks after the Berlin concert… It was the 7th of May, I guess it must have been, and they suddenly exploded, and they all had the same photographs. A pig with the Star of David on it, and I went, ‘Hold on a minute. That pig appeared five times in 2013 in Belgium and hasn’t been seen since.'”

He continued:

“If you look at the pig that was actually in the Berlin shows, there are no symbols on it at all. It says, ‘Steal from the poor and give to the rich,’ and there are a few like Albert Systems and Raytheon and arms manufacturers. But there are no religious or national symbols on it anywhere; you just made that up.”

Even though there was also a lot of controversy over stage prompts at the Berlin show, Rogers explained that the Third-Reich-esque stage prompts were not a sign of compassion for fascism. Instead, he was inspired by Bob Geldof’s character, Pink, in Pink Floyd’s 1980 movie, ‘The Wall.’

When asked why there aren’t more people that have joined the protests, Waters replied:

“People get frightened. I know people who’ve been brave enough, and I’m not going to mention their names, but who’ve been brave enough to say to me, ‘I think you’re right, mate, and I admire you, but I can’t stand on the barricades with you because I’m scared and my career can be over in a heartbeat.'”

He added that amidst all warnings, he will continue to stand up for his choices and raise his voice against claims by saying:

“There are people in the Lobby, the Israeli Lobby, who are very powerful in my industry, and if they decide to get you, it’s quite easy for… unless you know maybe I’m lucky. Maybe just because I’m hard-nosed and also because I’ve been very successful, and in consequence, there’s some power, but I’ve been warned off more times than you can imagine by people.”

You can watch Roger Waters’ interview with Red Line TV below.