Jon Bon Jovi Wants Fans’ Help To Create New Setlist For Upcoming Tour


Jon Bon Jovi sought help from his fans to create a new setlist for the upcoming shows with his recent post on his official Instagram account.

As you know, all the concerts and tours had been postponed following the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Therefore, some bands decided to work on a new record while waiting for the pandemic to over. One of the bands who released a new record during the pandemic was Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi dropped their fifteenth studio album ‘2020’ in October 2020, but they still haven’t announced their rescheduled tour dates. While the community has been waiting for the new dates, the singer Jon Bon Jovi asked their fans which songs they would like to hear them perform, which means that they are preparing to launch a new tour.

Even though Bon Jovi’s most popular songs are ‘Living On A Prayer’ and ‘It’s My Life,’ only a few people put these songs on the setlist. Instead, there were lots of songs from the band’s latest record. The most picked songs in the comment section were ‘Story Of Love,’ ‘Blood In The Water,’ ‘Beautiful Drug,’ ‘Luv Can,’ and ‘Limitless.’ This also probably means that they are the most popular songs from their new album.

Jon Bon Jovi asked the community:

“Can’t wait to play this album in a stadium. What song do you want to hear live?”

One of the fans replied:

“I can’t wait to go to a Bon Jovi concert and hear ‘Blood in the Water’ live! That would be really amazing.”

Another fan revealed his favorite song:

“This album is fantastic! My favorite song is ‘Story of love’!”

You can check out the post and Bon Jovi’s latest album through Spotify below.

Photo Credit: Jon Bon Jovi – Instagram