John Mayer On Ed Sheeran’s Intriguing Offer

Ed Sheeran is currently on ‘+–=÷x Tour’ and on June 30, he went on stage at the Gilette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. It was initially planned that R&B singer Khalid would accompany Sheeran, however, last-minute changes in the plan led Sheeran to ask John Mayer to come up on stage with him.

Mayer recently posted on his Instagram about the time they had. He said:

“From Dead to Ed To Dead. What a blast to open for Ed Sheeran at Gilette Stadium outside of Boston to fill in for Khalid.”

John also mentioned he couldn’t pass up Ed’s offer, and how he continued performing right after their concert with the following words:

“When Ed asked me, the idea was just too intriguing to pass up, and I loved the opportunity to help cover for two of my friends at the same time. After jumping on stage for ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ it was straight to the plane and off to Boulder for three nights of music with Dead&Company… have guitar, will travel for the music and the people I love.”

You can watch the pair performing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ below.