John Lennon’s Son Sean Explains Why He Dislikes His Own Songs

John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon recently took to his X account to share with fans that he has been trying to learn songs for his upcoming concerts. He wrote:

“I’m trying to read a script while also listening to the 41 songs I have to learn for tour. It’s not working.”

When Lennon wrote about his struggles about learning so many songs, one fan questioned the singer if he ever gets the chance to enjoy his own songs. The fan said:

“I know you’re listening to them for work, but I’ve always wondered: Can a musician get to ever enjoy their own songs the way they enjoy others? Or is the own ‘peek behind the curtain’ thing too present when you hear it to ever think about it any other way?”

Even if artists don’t have the opportunity to fully enjoy their creations, Sean said he gets ‘bored’ easily by his work so he doesn’t mind it as much. He expressed:

“I mostly dislike my own music when it’s more than a few months old. But I’m a bit weird.”

Let’s look at a few musicians who like to listen to their own music. For instance, the Florence + the Machine singer told USA Today that she likes to listen to old tracks to reminisce about how she felt during that time about a specific situation. She said:

“Sometimes if I’m trying to remember how I felt about a situation I’ll listen back to [my music]. Like I’m remembering, ‘Oh, how did that feel?’ And then I listen to it and I’m kind of reminded.”

Or some musicians just don’t like the attention. For example, Tom Delonge was slightly disturbed when a Blink-182 song was heard over the speakers at a baseball game he attended in May 2018. But he kept his sense of humor and captured the ‘awkward’ moment on Instagram.

You can read John Lennon’s tweets below.